Saturday, February 17, 2001

The Dutch royal family deny that Prince Johan Friso is gay.
He is 2nd in line to the throne, but the 1st in line is dating the daughter of a member of the Argentine junta of the 1970s and would probably have to step aside if he married her.

11 countries just took a major step towards implementing
the death penalty. Can you name them?

SF mayor Willie Brown gets a restraining order against an Elvis impersonator.

In more SF news, the city health plan will now cover sex changes. I guess it's when they're mandatory that you've got a problem.

A piece on McNeil-Lehrer a couple of days ago on military spending featured people complaining that the military was still preparing to fight the Cold War against a non-existent enemy. Of course the Navy still hasn't found out that Japan surrendered in 1945.

NY Times headline: “Civilian Says Submarine Took Precautions.”
That, of course, is why they couldn't spot that big ol' trawler: their periscope had a condom over it.

You groan now, but you'll be forwarding it to all your

Bush finishes off "national security week," which some people would say hadn't gone very well, given that the same military that doesn't notice a fishing boat is supposed to hit a missile with another missile in space, by bombing Baghdad. Donald Rumsfeld on McNeil-Lehrer said that the ABM treaty was ancient history, so what's bombing Baghdad--golden oldies?

So now Bush has killed his first foreign civilians. How long before he catches up with the number of Americans he's caused
to be put to death?

The British papers suggest that the British may also have participated in the bombing of Baghdad, although you'd never know it from the American papers. London Times headline: Bombs Renew the Special Relationship. As long as it was in a good cause.

In a heart-warming story, an 11-year old boy sneaks on to a train to London, travels 150 miles, then tries to see the Queen to ask her to stop the bullying in his school. He is then beaten to death by Beefeaters. OK, maybe not that last part.

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