Friday, February 23, 2001

I haven't read the opinion yet, but evidently the Supreme Court exempted states from the Americans with Disabilities Act on grounds of the 11th Amendment, which they clearly haven't read.

On the old cold warriors in the Bush White House, Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago said of them in `The Nation': "There hasn't been so much pseudogravitas in one room since the last time Henry Kissinger dined alone."

I don't know what it is about cats in this building. This morning a cat was outside my door demanding to be let in. He turns out to belong to the people downstairs, but he spent the whole day either inside my apartment or trying to get in.

I forgot to mention that when Bush justified bombing Iraq, he said that Saddam should live up to his agreement to the no-fly zone. There is no such agreement. The bombing has been solely for the purpose of damaging anti-aircraft facilities which threaten no one other than Americans (and I guess Brits). So I guess our pilots are there to protect themselves. Which they could do just as easily from their couches in the States. Just to make a point that this has nothing to do with anything that happens in Iraq, Saddam's first response to last week's bombing was to assassinate a Kurdish leader.

Hillary Clinton says of her brother's role in brokering pardons, or whatever he was doing, "If he were, you know, Joe Smith from somewhere, who had no connection with me, we wouldn't be standing here, would we?" No, but then Joe Smith wouldn't have been paid $400,000 either, isn't that rather the point? Poor Hillary, it's always just about her, isn't it?

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