Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Maintaining calm

NY Times headline: "CIA Chief Going to Israel in Effort to Maintain Calm." Now most people would count to 100 or something. If he did maintain calm, he would be the first person to go to Israel and do so.

Ariel Sharon for example called Arafat a murderer and pathological liar this week.

Speaking of war criminals, I think I forgot to mention that when Henry Kissinger was in Paris last week, a court issued him a summons relative to some French citizens murdered by the Chilean junta in the 1970s. He decided he was too busy. I didn't know you could do that.

For the most tentative endorsement I've ever heard, click here for John Cleese's radio ad (a bit under 2 minutes) for the Lib Dems.

George "A Uniter not a Divider (especially long division)" Bush: "Those who worry about faith in our society, and government's willingness to stand side by side with faith, don't understand the power of faith and the promise of faith and the hope of faith," he said.

He also said, in a press conference about losing the Senate, that every day is a great day when you're president.

Yech. And also how John McCain is his bestest friend. The NY Times ran a headline a few days ago that the people of Arizona were telling McCain to "stick to his own kind," which I thought was very West Side Story of them.

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