Tuesday, June 05, 2001

Save the groat

Yet another Mugabe supporter dies. "Hitler" Hunzvi, dead of "malaria" (actually witchcraft, but there's a cover-up), turns out to have had a Polish wife. That's just too weird.

French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, who looks more like Dr. Strangelove than any man alive, evidently first joined the Parti Socialist in 1971 as a Trotskyite infiltrator. Until this week he had always denied his Trot past.

The new Nepalese king's coronation time is still being determined by the court astrologer (also hereditary). In yet another cover-up, he is claiming to have "lost" the astrological chart of two-kings-and-five-days-ago Birendra, since someone who's supposed to be able to predict the future might right now have some 'splaining to do. He also denies knowledge of the prediction which caused Birendra to order Dippy not to marry before 35.

Another return-of-the-Reaganite-living dead: Richard Perle is back.

In case you haven't picked it up, Jenna Bush's recent drinking arrest was her third, counting one when she was 16.

British election in two days. Hague ran against Europe, Blair refused to discuss Europe. Hague said that this was the last chance to "save the pound," despite the promise of a referendum before Britain joins the single currency. The Tories say that Labour will "rig" the referendum, although Labour says it will probably be a really complicated question like "Do you favor adopting the euro?" or "Euro--you like?" The Tories want the question to be, "Are you willing to ditch the pound?" The Guardian has been running features on other currencies of the past. I had no idea the florin was still in use as late as 1993.

A thief took sleeping tablets to calm his nerves while robbing a Jordanian hospital pharmacy. He woke up to find himself in the hands of the police.

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