Monday, June 04, 2001

The Nepalese are claiming that the assault rifle went off by accident. Oops.

As I write, C-SPAN has the BBC Newsnight program on; a focus group has been asked to compare the party leaders to a beverage.

Earlier, Blair was interviewed and was asked if it was ok for the gap between rich and poor to increase. He refused to answer as the question was repeated maybe six times, but the answer is obviously yes.

The Tories have given up on winning, not that they ever had a chance, and are asking people to give Blair something less than a landslide to wipe the grin off his face. This strategy is likely to be more successful than asking people to vote for them. No one wants to see Hague in office, but no one wants to see Tony grin
either. The main problem in any sure-thing election is apathy.

The Times notes the counter-attractions:
Thursdays television schedule gives the apathetic voter plenty
of scope for staying on the sofa. Rather than heading for
the ballot box, the Royle families of this world will be able to indulge in Carol Smillies Holiday Swaps, EastEnders and Through the Keyhole on BBC1 or The Weakest Link and Ready, Steady, Cook on BBC2. Other terrestrial delights to keep them sprawled on their settees include Crossroads, Wheel of Fortune and Emmerdale on ITV, several Big Brother fixes on Channel 4 and Open House with Gloria Hunniford on Channel 5.

From the Post:
Chief Justice Earl Warren once signed an opinion in which a six-member majority of the Supreme Court referred to people "afflicted with homosexuality." His successor, Warren E. Burger, once wrote of gays as "sex deviates." The current chief justice, William H. Rehnquist, likened a university's refusal to recognize a gay student group to measures necessary to prevent the spread of measles.

Singing Dingoes Stole My Baby: The Sydney Opera House will stage an opera based on the famous event. And yes, there really will be singing dingoes.

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