Tuesday, October 29, 2002

How I learned to stop worrying and love regime change

I have changed my mind on the subject of the phrase “regime change.” I now embrace it as the most honest expression to come out of the Bush White House. There isn’t a trace of idealism in it, no pretense that Iraq will be turned into a democracy or that we even care what form its government will take, as long as it’s headed by someone else, and is subservient to our interests. I’d rather see pure power politics and a US military proconsul than continue to hear words like democracy and liberty be polluted by their passage through the larynx of George W. Monkeyboy.

On the choice of Mondale, the NY Times quotes a Minnesota political science professor who says that Mondale is a guy who used to be famous, that anybody under 30 is probably thinking “Oh yeah. That guy. I remember hearing about him from my parents.” Yes, folks, that’s exactly how exciting a place Minnesota is, they sit around on cold winter nights and tell stories about Walter Mondale.

For Paul Wellstone’s great old election commercials, click here, where you can also get his other ads. Try the radio ad “Names” as well as the Roger & Me-type ad this link is to.

On American biological warfare programs.

You can tell how busy the CIA must be now by the fact that it allowed a leftist to be elected president of Brazil, where the nuts come from (sorry, that’s a tic). Secretary of the Treasury Paul O’Neill generously welcomed the election, saying that foreign investors should continue monitoring Lula until he can “assure them he is not a crazy person.” O’Neill himself is known to be as crazy as a soup sandwich.

Speaking of which, AP reports that the army is trying to perfect a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that can be kept unrefrigerated for 3 years.

On Russian censorship and intimidation of the media during the hostage crisis.

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