Saturday, October 05, 2002

What'd he do after seeing "She's Gotta Have It"?

I thought the US draft UN resolution on Iraqi inspections sounded familiar. It’s the Kosovo demands of 1999 all over again: under it, Iraq/Serbia loses control over its airspace, roads, foreign troops go wherever they want. How’s that for regime change?

William Saletan of Slate observes that Senators were arguing for the Iraqi resolution by saying that if we showed resolve, we could scare Hussein into surrendering without a war, so let’s hope he doesn’t actually hear about us saying that.

The only Senator to vote no was Robert Byrd, who is making all the right arguments (well, some of them) while at the same time sounding cranky and senile, which is a little dispiriting.

The Catholic Church names a new saint, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, who has had many miracles attributed him, including making people forget he was a Fascist supporter of Francisco Franco and curing someone of a disease called radiodermititus, which I believe is the ability to receive AM radio through the skin. He founded Opus Dei, an extreme right-wing secret society the pope likes, which I believe advocates the belief that Bloom County’s Opus the penguin is God. Members joined Franco’s government. Today a Vatican spokesman, without a trace of irony, said that this was because Opus Dei allows its members freedom.

Those kidnapped Japanese in N Korea? Without exception, they say they don’t want to go home. Their relatives are not best pleased.

Someone suggested that before Ari Fleischer advocates assassination again, he consult with one of his predecessors as White House press secretary, James Brady.

John Walker Lindh gets 20 years for going to the wrong summer camp. He says his spiritual journey began when he saw Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. Personally I haven’t been able to walk by a pizza shop since Do The Right Thing without throwing a garbage can through its window.

Putin’s 50th birthday is Monday. He’s getting a crown, an exact replica (including the jewels) of the crown used by tsars at their coronations. Can we have the sloppy drunk back, please?

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