Sunday, October 13, 2002

Speaking of chemical warfare being waged on the Iraqi people, it seems that American tobacco companies (RJ Reynolds, Philip Morris) have been involved in the smuggling of billions of cigarettes into Iraq in violation of sanctions, to say nothing of tax law (which is why the EU is suing). The financial beneficiary is Uday Hussein, who runs the operation. Although there is a lot of talk about connections between drugs and terrorism, nobody mentions cigarettes, which are big money-earners for Hezbollah and many others.

Now that we’re courting Iran, no one is willing to mention the return of the religious police, public stonings, a great increase in public executions, amputations, blindings, etc.

Still, I’m hoping the mullahs stay in power long enough to issue a fatwah against Jerry Falwell, who managed to apologize for calling Mohamed a terrorist without making a single mention of the 9 dead in India in the protests about his remarks (only in India could a statement by an American Christian “reverend” set off fighting between Hindus and Muslims. Although there were those riots when Falwell said the Teletubbies were gay. Well, ok, maybe not, but wouldn’t it have been cool?)

Speaking of odd theology, what if the Maryland sniper really is God? Just asking.

NYT on why people mispronounce nuclear.

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