Sunday, December 01, 2002

If a politician can't admit a mistake, we're in trouble as a democracy

Followup: Britain will not be making a claim on Graham Island whenever it emerges from the Mediterranean.

Followup to the followup: OK, since I wrote that, the Daily Telegraph sent someone out to the island to plant a flag. He almost has the shit beaten out of him by some Sicilian sailors. He called the Foreign Office to ask about getting a knighthood out of it, but no go. for witches who have discovered Jesus. “Wiccans for Jesus”, I guess.

Maureen Dowd approves, mockingly, the choice of Kissinger to head the commission: “Who better to investigate an unwarranted attack on America than the man who used to instigate America's unwarranted attacks?” I’m personally hoping that when it comes time for Dr. K. to testify before Congress, they demand to know the client list of Kissinger and Associations (which he is planning to continue working for, and whose clients have to sign a confidentiality agreement).

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