Saturday, December 07, 2002


Kevin has sent in the following complaint:

I'm afraid you're losing it. Consider the way you began a sentence:

>GeeDubya is seriously thinking ...

Webster’s defines serious as “requiring much thought or work”. In Shrub’s case, anything at or above the complexity of tying his shoelaces requires much thought or work. The Oxford Shorter Dictionary adds this definition: significant or worrying in terms of danger or risk. Well, whenever Dubya tries to’s serious.

Remember three months ago, the Bushies put out “evidence” of new building at an Iraqi nuclear site? You’d never know it from the news reports, but that was one of the sites visited by the inspectors this week. There was nothing there. And Bush was not taken to task for its earlier hysteria. Remember this on Monday or whenever they claim that they have evidence that the Iraqi declaration was a lie. Oh, right, it may not be that early because Blix doesn’t intend to hand it all over to the US right away, and boy are they pissed off.

The NY Times, commenting about Clinton’s remarks this week that the right wing control talk radio, says that the D’s have a “yammer gap.”

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