Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Bash a Peugot for peace

Prosecutors in New Hampshire say the Catholic Church was wilfully blind to paedophile priests. Probably have hairy palms, too.

Yesterday Israeli troops accidentally kills a pregnant woman when it destroys the house next to hers. Her husband explains that they hadn’t left their house because soldiers warned everyone to stay inside--or else--over loudspeakers.

The Easter Bunny, packin’ heat.

Evidently the US’s spying on UN delegations is not actually news. The guy who broke the story was scheduled to go on NBC, CNN & Fox News, but all three cancelled. Indeed Bulgaria’s ambassador to the UN says it’s a mark of prestige: "It's almost an offense if they don't listen." In the good old days in Bulgaria, of course, the highest social status was marked by the secret police attaching electrodes to your genitals. People put it on their resumes.

And for more about icky things done to genitals.

Speaking of inflated resumes, think Whatsit Mohammed is really the Al Qaida “mastermind” he’s cracked up to be? I had my doubts even before this.

Two Washington state legislators stage a walk-out when the opening prayer is led by a Muslim. One of them, no doubt a religious studies major, says "My god is not Mohammed."

Speaking of intolerance for our enemies, a Nashville radio station hosts a “Bash a Peugot for Peace” event. Note to organizers: how could you tell the difference.

The leaflets being dropped on Iraq.

A BBC interview with Rummy Rumsfeld today. Questions about his role in dealing with Iraq in the 1980s led to him stalking out of the studio at the end. A bit I liked: “DD: How damaging to the war plans is Turkey's refusal to let their bases be used?

“DR: There are workarounds. We'll be fine. Turkey is a democracy, it's a moderate Muslim country, it's a friend, it's an ally in Nato, and they're going through a democratic process, and we accept that.”

Notice how he makes “going through a democratic process” sound like an adolescent rebellion? Like Turkey just had something pierced just to piss off the US?

It’s also the first time I’m aware of where Rummy has been cross-questioned on his use of the phrase “so-called occupied territories.”

A man who escaped a Texas prison by helicopter in 1962 is re-arrested. The police say “You can run, but you can’t hide.” I would say Robert Coney has proven that wrong.

Something I didn’t know: Israeli subsidies to (Jewish) children are sharply progressive. That is, the amount given for the first and second child is half that for the third, ¼ that for the fourth, 1/5 that for the fifth and up.

The part of Kuwait now occupied by the US military and off-limits to Kuwaitis is now up to 50%.

War, what is it good for?

Hell is (for) other people: A Harris poll says that 82% of Americans believe in heaven, while 2/3 believe in hell--and 1% expect to go there.

And half believe in ghosts.

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