Saturday, March 29, 2003

Striking a blow

Even knowing what Fox News is like, this is a bit OTT.

Dissenter of the week: Blair’s first foreign minister Robin Cook: "I have already had my fill of this bloody and unjust war. I want our troops home and I want them home before more of them are killed."

Co-dissenter of the week.

With the US contemptibly trying to blame the bombing of the Baghdad market on the Iraqis, an unembedded reporter on the ground goes and finds a piece of the missile’s fuselage, and gives its serial number. And, hey! it’s not in Arabic.

Also, we just bombed Saudi Arabia. Oops. And possibly Kuwait a couple of days ago, and Iran a week ago. Smart bombs.

Independent headline that gets it just slightly... wrong: “Supreme Court to strike a blow for Texan gays.”

Just in case anyone on this list is looking for a job right about now, here’s a good one: inseminating a pissed-off white rhino. But at least it doesn’t involve dealing with the general public. Oh, and pedantic note to the Observer: its “bated breath,” not “baited breath.” If you don’t click the link, here’s information you can use: rhinos fuck for an hour, elephants for 40 seconds.

One casualty of the war: a whole bunch of movies that needed to be shot in countries that now hate us even more. Including Mad Max IV. Darn.

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