Saturday, March 22, 2003

How green was my war

For more censorship, here’s a site which complains that Google wouldn’t show its ad (anti-war bumper stickers) unless it censored not only the ad, but its actual website.

Maybe we’ll be hearing a little less about the unprecedented precision of US weapons, since we just bombed a village in Iran, which is a whole country away from the right one. Oops.

I’ve read that the media have taken to referring to those who oppose Bush’s war policy as “dissenters” rather than, say, critics. Can’t say I’ve noticed myself, but let’s be on the lookout.

It’s also surprisingly hard to get a list of who voted against the House’s pro-war resolution, although I know ½ of the 11 represent the Bay Area. The R’s wrote the resolution so that no one could support the troops without also expressing “unequivocal support” for Bush’s “firm leadership,” manly good looks and beautiful singing voice. It also insists that this war is part of the war on terrorism. The R’s just couldn’t help themselves, could they? OK, got the list now. The no’s are also mostly black.

Turkey is sending in troops, despite the US telling them not to. In public at least. Germany has threatened to pull its planes currently defending Turkey, but no one else has suggested any serious consequences.

I want a new codicil to the Geneva convention: all camera crews are to be deprived of night-vision equipment. I’m tired of all our wars being sickly green.

I was promised dancing in the streets. Where’s the dancing?

Late this year is the 100th anniversary of the flight of the Kitty Hawk. NASA engineers have been trying to get a replica of the plane to work, and come to the conclusion that the Wright brothers should by rights have broken their fool necks. Of course, what do NASA engineers know about getting something to fly?

A bit of a geography lesson for Richard Perle, who earlier this week called the UN the “chatterbox on the Hudson.” It’s on the East River, doofus.

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