Thursday, April 03, 2003

Gentlemen, Iraqis and Neo-cons prefer blondes

Astonishingly, the US is once again dropping food packages in the same color as its cluster bombs, just like we did in Afghanistan. Cluster bombs, in case you haven’t been following along, have a failure rate variously reported as between 10 and 16%, which means they leave unexploded bombs that look to children like bright-yellow toys. If anyone actually needs another reason not to use them, at least some of them (those used by the Brits, don’t know about the US ones) are manufactured by Israel.

The State Senate of N Dakota votes to keep the state’s ban on unmarried heterosexual couples cohabiting. Gays are ok.

US soldiers have gotten down to the really difficult work: destroying statues and pictures of Saddam Hussein. I mean, there must be millions of them.

In a story I was only skimming, I ran across a quote that made me stop. A female soldier was saying of her enthusiastic reception, It must be because of my blonde hair. Sadly, she turned out not to be Priv. Lynch, of whom we have heard so much, and about whom I had had a similar thought, that if it had been that black woman who was among the first POWs, the media wouldn’t have gone into quite such raptures.

Not quite so much publicity about the failed attempt to rescue those 3 CIA agents taken prisoner by Colombian guerillas, in which 3 American soldiers died.

An article about the Christian missionaries that will follow our troops into Iraq. The first sentence: “It could only happen with an American invasion - poised behind the troops are the evangelical Christians.” If it’s not called Operation Ann Coulter, it should be (invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity)(and speaking of people who wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without blonde hair).

Guardian headline: “Chirac Apologizes to Queen for Graffiti.” In a British war cemetery in France, but it’s still kinda funny.

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