Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Les Jeux sont faits

The secretary of education Rod Paige thinks we need Christian values in the schools. And that diversity is bad. How did this clown get through? He does say that he’ll pray for his critics. Well fuck you very much!

China stops the UN issuing a statement about North Korea. Now remind me, what was the reaction in the US when France did something similar? We aren’t going to have to rename more stuff, are we? Liberty fire-drills?

An assistant secretary of state threatens Syria, North Korea and Iran with war, telling them to “draw the appropriate lesson from Iraq”. Of course according to Rod Paige, the only appropriate lessons teach Christian values. Asst secy state John Bolton was returning from the Vatican when he made those remarks, so he obviously wasn’t drawing any lessons himself. Link

Similarly, Cheney said that the war sent a clear message to “all violent groups.” And Rumsfeld threatened Syria again.

Some statue was pulled down today. CNN has it on pretty much a continuous loop.

According to CNN, Bush watched tv as the Iraqis toppled the statue. Leave it To Beaver, I believe.

The Iraqis on the streets of Basra celebrated by begging British troops for water or to get off their asses and stop all the looting. Baghdadians also celebrated by looting, breaking and burning stuff, much in the manner of residents of Oakland celebrating a World Series victory.

The US killed 11 Afghan civilians as well, but you’ll never hear another word about that.

Still no WMD’s, and it no longer matters, because if Iraq didn’t use them as it was being actually invaded, it certainly wouldn’t have used them if we hadn’t invaded.

An Indian woman gives birth at 65, setting a record...for stupidity. Yes, fertility treatments were involved. She was been married for 50 years (yes, at 15). Gold, woman, not babies!

From a Guardian columnist: For once in this war, our newspapers have spoken with the same voice. Saddam's taste in palaces is universally considered lamentable. From the Times ("part Alhambra, part Barratt home") to the Mirror ("decadent opulence"), from the Sun ("garish") to the Mail ("obscene"), war correspondents have united in merciless judgment on the dictator's interior design, apparently stunned, as they had not been by his hundreds of self-glorifying murals and equestrian statues, by Saddam's more private fondness for gilt, mirrors and marble, his love of entwined Ss and Hs, his perfectly dreadful, lottery-winner's gold taps.

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