Saturday, May 31, 2003

All arbeit and no play makes George a dull boy

When I said it, it was a joke. But this, from the WaPo’s corrections section, is real: “The last name of National Spelling Bee winner Sai R. Gunturi was misspelled in a May 30 KidsPost article and on the front-page promo and caption.”

Bush, who said that his new logging policy was for environmental reasons, will drop a requirement that environmental studies be done before logging, including to find out whether it would affect endangered species.

Bush went to Auschwitz and emerged with this lesson: “hatred and aggression and murderous ambition are still alive in the world.” Uh, right, didn’t mean yourself, did you? Just checking. He also came out convinced that everything he’s done in Iraq was somehow justified all over again by Auschwitz.

Speaking of low standards of proof, here is a good Post story about how standards of proof of an Iraqi WMD program, and the scale of that program itself, have been reduced by Bush to two trailers containing absolutely no physical evidence of bioweapons of any kind. Well, Blake saw the world in a grain of sand, but then he was a loon. As a Bob Graham spokesmodel said, "Surely they're not claiming we went to war to find two mobile labs." Which is at least one Democratic politician showing at least some guts (too bad it’s Graham, huh?)

The authorities in Honduras kill 69 prisoners following a prison riot, indeed most of them after they had surrendered. Naturally, given the number of dead, this received immediate and widespread attention worldwide... wait, this happened eight weeks ago? Oh.

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