Saturday, January 03, 2004

Bisexuality is the new black

The Telegraph says Dean and other D’s are now sprinkling Christ all over their speeches to appeal to the Southern vote. Also, something about think tanks offering seminars in religious imagery and rhetoric--the mind boggles.

(Later:) Oh good, a real paper has the story. Dean says he’s not used to wearing his religion on his sleeve. How would he know what his sleeves look like, he always rolls them up to show his dedication or something. I’ve really seen quite enough of Howard Dean’s lower arms.

Finally, a member of the British royal family will get psychoanalysis. Princess Anne’s dog, of course, the one that killed the queen’s corgi and bit a maid. Observer columnist Mary Riddell notes that the investigation to find out which of Anne’s vicious dogs was the Real Biter was rather more thorough than the investigation into one of Charles’s servants claims that he’d been raped in the palace. She adds, “The Buckingham Palace corgi makes Caligula's horse look under-promoted. .... Where else can they find companions who never fawn or curtsy and whose filthy tempers mesh so neatly with their own?”

According to the Observer, bisexuality is very in among American teenage girls. Actually, it’s creepier than that, since it sounds like they’re just making out at parties in order to get male attention. One step forward, two steps back, really.

The Plame Game investigators are asking White House officials to sign releases from their confidentiality agreements with reporters on the case. My first thought was that Bush should be pressed to fire anyone who doesn’t comply. Then sanity, sadly, reasserted itself. Even if they do sign, the reporters (if Bob Novak deserves the title) are honor-bound (if Bob Novak has such a thing) not to comply.

NYT: “President Bush, who regularly talks about nuclear dangers, has never mentioned Pakistan's laboratories or their proliferation in public”. The article explains why he should.

Actually, it’s not true. He was asked a question about the subject a couple of days ago, and said that Musharaf says Pakistan’s nukes are safe, so that’s that for that.

After one day, Florida stopped an insane new idea of having pharmacists decide whether Medicaid patients should pay for prescriptions or not.

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