Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Some entrepreneurial US soldiers have set up tours of Iraq’s archaeological treasures--not because they’re archaeological treasures, of course, but because they were used in the opening sequence of The Exorcist. Hey, if people go all the way to New Zealand just to see where Lord of the Rings was filmed--and you know who you are--then surely Iraq could be the next big tourist destination.

Something I missed, last October: a member of the committee which “investigated” the USS Liberty incident in 1967 was ordered by LBJ and MacNamara to find that it was an accident.

Governor Ahnuuld’s State of the State address was today. I forgot about it. He said “Every governor proposes moving boxes around to reorganize government. I don’t want to move the boxes around. I want to blow them up.” The burly Neanderthal compared the executive branch to a “mastodon frozen in time.”

Some people have made fun of David Brooks’s column in today’s NYT for claiming that people who saw neocons as running the White House were conspiracy theorists and antisemites. Me, I’d like to make fun of him for his misuse of “awhile,” after the other conservative Times columnist, William Safire, wrote about the difference between “a while” and “awhile” in this week’s Sunday NY Times Magazine.

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