Saturday, January 10, 2004

The tradition of fair play across the aisles

Wesley Clark defends his several decades as a Republican by saying, “We won the Cold War.” Sigh. That’s all, just...sigh.

Actually, the page on which that quote appeared, A9 of the Saturday NYT, is just full of depressing stuff about the D’s. Tom Harkin endorses Dean as “our best shot,” a truly ringing (ask not for whom the bell tolls...) endorsement. And an article on how Holy Joe is doing very well among voters, but Republican voters, with a bizarre photo of him shot from below, laughing maniacally, with light radiating out of his head from a lamp you can’t see behind his head, like a really Jewish, casually dressed, medieval saint (the picture is not on the website, sadly). By the time you get to the article on Nader below the fold, you can really see his point about the wimpiness of the Democratic party.

Viagra celebrates its 1 billionth customer. I guess we know how it celebrated.

Paul O’Neill, the moron who was Bush’s first treasury secretary, is saying that planning for the invasion of Iraq began at the very start of the Bush admin, well before 9/11. No kidding. But will it ever be mentioned again?

A federal court, voting along party lines, approves the Texas redistricting plan. At one point, one of the R judges mocked a D lawyer by saying that when D’s held power, “You rewarded your friends and punished your enemies. When did this tradition of fair play across the aisles come to Texas?” When indeed.

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