Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fits like a white stetson

WaPo: “"Our 40th president wore his title lightly, and it fit like a white Stetson," said Bush, who is wearing such a hat in the main photo on his campaign Web site.”

Bush of course is most famous for wearing a flight suit, which didn’t fit especially well, even with the sock stuffed down the front.

Also, how well does a Stetson normally fit? If it doesn’t come down over your eyes it pretty much fits, right? And do white ones fit better? I’m sorry, this makes no sense at all.

The NYT says that early in the Iraq war, there were 50 air strikes aimed at assassinating various Iraqi leaders. All failed. Many killed civilians.

Frank Rich mentions something about Reagan I’d meant to contrive a way to work in: when he returned from a presidential tour of South America, he expressed amazement that they were all individual countries. Another I haven’t found a way to use: his claim that people used food stamps to buy a pack of gum and then use the change to buy vodka (food stamps don’t work that way). And about his radio baseball announcer days: someone, Bush the Elder I think, mentioned his ability to make people think they were seeing the game just as Reagan was. Except Reagan wasn’t at those games, he was making up the details based on wire reports. As good a metaphor as any. Reagan’s much-vaunted ability to make Americans feel good about themselves again--nobody ever says how he was supposed to have done that. My answer: anaesthesia. The kindly grampa act was to assure the public that they need no longer pay the sort of attention to what their government was doing in their names that had been felt necessary since Watergate.

Speaking of paying attention, here’s an articleabout the secret American gulags and the “renditions” of people, some after being found innocent by courts, to countries where they will be tortured, such as Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman. What excellent company we are in. In Reagan’s time, it was a secret fraternity of death squads, now it’s torturers. Now, torture is bad, I’m presuming I don’t have to tell you, and encouraging other countries to torture is bad, but one of the reasons the Bushies do things this way is to keep the extent of torture secret. Which means they’ve put a blackmail weapon into the hands of, well, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, etc.

Bush in the Vatican asked that US bishops be ordered to attack gay marriage, abortion and Democrats even more.

The difference between regulation of voting machines and slot machines: Link
Of course slot machines are just a method to separate chumps from their change, while voting machines....never mind.

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