Thursday, June 10, 2004

I will gladly pay you 5 Reagans Monday for a hamburger today

It’s funny, no wait I mean sad, because it’s true.

Tried to watch McNeil-Lehrer today, but they seemed to be showing re-runs of the Princess Di funeral. Saint Ronny of AIDS, What AIDS? has been flown to DC, the city he loathed, and will then be flown back to California, which he liked in spite of the many pollution-causing trees (my mother asks who gets his frequent flier miles) for burial in Simi Valley, where I believe his pall-bearers will be the Rodney King jury.

There’s a lot of silly talk about putting Saint Ronny of the Laffer Curve on the dime or the $10 bill or something. Given the record deficits he ushered in, I say put his picture on all the imaginary money.

Zowie Alawi turns out to have been involved with terrorist bombings in the 1990s. So let’s call him a freedom fighter, in a fitting tribute to Saint Ronny of UNITA.

The British health secretary has received a bit of criticism for saying the government should leave smoking alone because it’s one of the few pleasures the poor can afford.

Florida’s secretary of state (the office used to be independent, if you can call Katherine Harris independent, but is now directly under the Jebster) is purging voter rolls of alleged felons, using highly faulty lists. Wouldn’t it be funny if it came down to Florida again?

No, no it wouldn’t.

An Austrian woman gets married with a 1.7 mile-long veil.

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