Saturday, October 07, 2006

Every day is just a hoot

I watched the California gubernatorial debate tonight, and let’s just say I don’t think I have to worry about developing an Angelides impersonation to match my breathtakingly mediocre Schwarzenegger. Angelides, despite being a shitload of points behind, decided to play it beige. Nothing much was said so there’s no point in blogging it as I’d planned. Angelides is the son of immigrants, Arnie is an immigrant, Arnie wants to cut taxes, Phil wants to “close corporate tax loopholes,” blah blah blah. I tried to amuse myself by putting a name to the weird color of the governator’s oddly unskinlike skin, but could come to no conclusion. Every so often the moderator tried to get them actually to converse with each other or not to drone on, or informed them that a focus group watching the debate in the basement was “tired of this topic,” to no avail. At the end, they were allowed to ask each other a question. Arnie asked Phil what was the funniest moment of the campaign for him. Angelides couldn’t, or wouldn’t, rise to the occasion, but did say that “Every day is just a hoot.” Arnie said it was very gratifying to go to a supermarket in China and see the customers “grab our vegetables, grab our strawberries.”

More feeble fun was to be found in Saturday’s NYT, editing quotations to make them more accurate, as follows: Rep. John Shimkus, chairman of the board that oversees the Congressional page program, said of his handling of the complaint against Mark Foley, “I did nothing wrong.” And deputy White House press secretary Dana Perino, responding to John Warner’s claim that Iraq is “drifting sideways,” said “I don’t believe that the president thinks that way.”

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