Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We cannot tolerate the intolerable

At the end of yesterday’s school safety conference mentioned in the previous post, Bush seemed rather anxious to get away. He had, what else, a fundraiser to go to, in Georgia. He generously said of the Democrats, who he described as not being “willing to do the hard work necessary to protect the American people”, that he doesn’t question the patriotism of those who voted against renewal of the Patriot Act. So I guess he’s questioning their PatriotActism.

So North Korea’s Central News Agency really isn’t going to say anything more about the nuclear test. Their announcement of that event is shorter than their news story “Floral Baskets Placed before Statues of Kim Il Sung” (“Placed before the statue amidst the playing of floral basket-laying music were floral baskets in the name of party and power organs, public organizations, ministries, national institutions, scientific, educational, cultural, art, public health and media organizations, factories, enterprises, farms and schools and bouquets and flowers.”) (Also, the President of Senegal sent a floral basket to the statue.) (Which, I’m assuming, was promptly eaten by starving North Koreans.) (Including the actual basket.) (’Cause they’re really, really hungry.) (Say it with flowers. Delicious, delicious flowers.) (Also, they have special floral basket-laying music in North Korea?)

When I wrote about the South Dakota abortion referendum a couple of days ago, I didn’t really get around to castigating the pro-choice side for the tepidness of their campaign, which concedes the whole concept that bodily autonomy is a right in favor of a “we hate abortion and think it’s icky too, but rape and incest, people, what about the rape and incest victims?” approach. This is right out of the Lakoff/Saletan playbook I’ve criticized before. By the way, this YouTube video of a news report on a press conference which made the point that rape victims might like to have the option of abortion shows an anti-abortion crasher, some kid in a... Cat in the Hat costume. I’m still cogitating on the relevance of the Cat in the Hat to Referred Law 6, and my attempts at writing anti-abortion slogans in the style of Dr. Seuss have been frankly too grotesque to share, although you’re welcome to try your own.

In Italy, a satirical/investigative tv show was pulled before airing this week. The show had done fake interviews of Italian members of parliament for the purpose of having a makeup girl take swabs of their sweat, which were tested for drugs. Of 50 tested, 12 were positive for marijuana, 4 for cocaine.

John McCain called for an independent investigation of the House page scandal, saying, “We cannot tolerate the intolerable.” Since when?

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