Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It’s still all about what you wear on your head

India and Pakistan have come to some sort of deal to share intelligence about terrorism (which no one thinks they’ll actually do) and to prevent an accidental nuclear war between the two countries, which is very important because that’s the most likely location for the planet’s next nuclear war. So it is perhaps a little sad that my reason for writing about it is to post these pictures of the Beating the Retreat ritual at the border (the Pakistani troops are in black), but these are the things a blogger is called upon to do.

And as long as we’re focusing on people in funny costumes, the Queen’s Speech was given today (yesterday she was at the premiere of Casino Royale, possibly in the same clothes; these are the things an octogenarian modern monarch is called upon to do).

Pakistan has moved to eliminate the death penalty and flogging for illicit sex, in favor of five-year prison sentences. Also, if you’ve heard that rape victims will no longer have to produce 4 male witnesses, you heard wrong. At the judge’s discretion, the case may be heard in a secular or sharia court, the latter retaining the nearly impossible evidence requirements. Whether victims who fail to make their cases will still be subject to adultery charges and those five-year jail terms, I’m not sure.

The “new” faces of the Republican party. I’m a very happy blogger right now.

Now for our poll of the day week month whenever I’m bored:

Which is the silliest ceremonial head covering?
Those fan thingies on the soldiers' hats
QE2's crown
Trent's toupee
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