Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wherein is explained what the Republican party stands for

Yesterday Bush told Ken Mehlman that he had done “a whale of a job” as chair of the RNC, adding, “Of course it turned out he wasn’t so much a killer whale as a sperm whale, if you know what I mean.”

No? Well feel free to try your hand at responding to what he said two sentences later: “I appreciate the fact that you went to neighborhoods where Republicans have never been to talk to people about our message of ownership and hope.”

Mehlman will be replaced by Sen. Mel Martinez, who Bush says “represents what I believe our party stands for, and that is his parents put him on a plane to come to the United States from Cuba because they love freedom.”

Bush and Putin met during a refueling stop at Vnukovo International Airport. As ever when those two meet, Bush stares rapt into Putin’s soul eyes, while Laura stares into space, and Lyudmila Putin stares into existential despair.

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