Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What is happening is not terrorism

I’m not sure what definition of terrorism Iraqi PM Maliki is using, but it evidently doesn’t extend to today’s mass kidnapping from the Higher Education Ministry, according to remarks which were televised before the kidnappees were rescued: “What is happening is not terrorism, but the result of disagreements and conflict between militias belonging to this side or that.” Between militias? Possibly there is a Scientific Research and Grant Application Militia, and if so I’m sure it’s quite fierce, but if not, then this was an attack on civilians aimed at spreading terror. Whether a similar attack by a Sunni militia on a ministry run a Shiite party would have met Maliki’s strict standards for consideration as a terrorist act remains unclear. Maliki is acting increasingly openly as the front man and apologist for the Shiite militias.

Adnan Pachachi (remember him? me neither.) said of the kidnapping: “There is evidence of a systematic and very sad attempt to drain Iraq of its brains.” The Zombie Militia responded by issuing this press release: “Braaaaaains.”

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