Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bush in Italy: A little fatter and a little more enculturated

Today Bush held a not-very-entertaining press conference with Silvio Berlusconi. He said of his visit to Italy, “I always leave with a little extra culture -- and a little fatter.” He gave the rest of the press conference in the form of operatic verse.

Ridi, Pagliaccio... e ognun applaudirà!

The one-and-half tenors.

HE’S THE REMINDERER: “Now, I remind the Prime Minister our objective is to get nations like China and India to sign up to the goal, and that we’ll develop our own strategies that will be firm strategies within the U.N. framework.”

Why George had to change his pants.

On the Supreme Court’s depressingly narrow 5-4 decision that Guantanamo prisoners have the right of habeas corpus, he said, “we’ll abide by the Court’s decision.” Isn’t that nice of him?

He went on, pissily, “That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. It’s a deeply divided Court, and I strongly agree with those who dissented, and their dissent was based upon their serious concerns about U.S. national security.” Unlike the five traitors.

THEY CALL HIM... THE IRANIAN: “Foreign Minister Solana is going to see the Iranian here very shortly”.

Berlusconi, asked who he supported in the American presidential race, said McCain, just so he wouldn’t be the oldest person at the G8 conference.

Where can I get me one a those hats?

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