Tuesday, June 10, 2008

George Bush in Europe, working with EU nations to helping elevate folks from needless death

Headline of the Day (AP): “Note, Head Found Near Mexican Newspaper Office.”

Bush held a press conference in Slovenia today, along with a couple of Euro-types.

HE HAD A MESSAGE AT THE END: “My message at the end is that it’s really important for the United States to stay close with the EU.” He’s looking forward to rubbing Angela Merkel again.

NOT IRONIC, JUST INTERESTING: “I find it ironic -- not ironic, just interesting, that 20 years ago, Mr. Prime Minister, you were in jail -- (laughter) -- because of your beliefs, because...”

PRIME MINISTER JANŠA: Not very happy times. (Laughter.)

BUSH: You shouldn’t have been happy about it.

WHAT ELSE IS NOT IRONIC, JUST INTERESTING? “It’s interesting, my first visit as U.S. President to Europe included a -- my first stop in Slovenia. My last visit as U.S. President to Europe includes first stop in Slovenia. It’s a fitting circle.” Circle of life, dude, circle of life.

WHAT TO USE THE EU FOR: “And we spent a lot of time talking about how to help others realize the blessings of liberty, whether it be in the Balkans, whether it be a Palestinian state, and whether it be to use the EU as a way to encourage people to develop the habits of reformist societies.”

BOTH OF YOUR LEADERSHIP: “I want to thank very much your leadership, both of your leadership, in having the EU summit in South America.”

A LOT OF RELATIONS: “Obviously it’s in the U.S. interest that you do so. We’ve got a lot of relations with countries in our neighborhood.”

YES, GEORGE, ANGELA HAS HEARD ABOUT THE “MILE-HIGH CLUB” AND NO, GEORGE, SHE’S NOT INTERESTED: “We talked about how to make sure we have travel in a way that comforts our societies.”

ELEVATOR MUSIC: “The United States looks forward to working with EU nations to helping elevate folks from needless death.”

WHAT THE FREE WORLD IS GOING TO SAY: “And if they [Iran, natch] end up with a nuclear weapon, the free world is going to say, why didn’t we do something about it at the time, before they developed it?”

HE HAS A QUESTION FOR IRAN: “are they going to continue on their path of obstruction?” You know, their obstruction of our obstruction of their nuclear plans.

WHY YOU’D BE A LITTLE NERVOUS, TOO, IF YOU WERE LIVING IN ISRAEL: “First of all, if you were living in Israel you’d be a little nervous, too, if a leader in your neighborhood announced that they -- he’d like to destroy you. And one sure way of achieving that means is through the development of a nuclear weapon.”

THERE’S A LOT OF URGENCIES, MANY URGENCIES, AND URGENCY IN THEIR VOICE: There’s a lot of urgencies when it comes to dealing with Iran, and the Israeli political folks -- and if you go to Israel and listen carefully, you’ll hear that urgency in their voice, one of many urgencies. And I’m hopeful we can get it done.”

THE ARTICULATOR-IN-CHIEF: “I articulated a policy that I had been articulating ever since I had been the President. It’s the same policy, which is we believe in a strong dollar”.

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