Monday, October 25, 2010

Telegraphing punchlines

More stories from the Daily Telegraph.

Officials in Toulouse are using computers to email the satnav positions and photographs of dogshit to street cleaners. Or as we in the Blogger-American Community call it, “linking to Drudge.” Says a town council spokesmodel: “no one can now say we are not on top of the problem.” So let no one now say that they are not on top of the pooh.

Daily Telegraph Headline of the Day: “‘Hiccup Girl’ Charged with Murder in Florida.” Evidently, she achieved fame at 16 in 2007 because of her non-stop hiccups, appearing on the Today Show, where she was hugged by Keith Urban (which sounds like a euphemism for something, but evidently isn’t). Naturally, her life went bad after the hiccupping and the celebrity ended. She ran away from home, fell in with the wrong crowd, and they robbed and killed a guy.

Prostitutes who walk the streets by a highway in Spain have been told to wear reflective vests or face a 40 fine. Health and safety, you know.

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