Friday, October 22, 2010

Today -100: October 22, 1910: Of wallpaper trusts, big boats, land grabs, and friendly mobs

Teddy Roosevelt has accused Democratic NY gubernatorial candidate John A. Dix of being connected with a wallpaper trust, which Dix denies. Dix became a director of a wallpaper company several years after a judge essentially dissolved the trust.

The Cunard Steamship Company has approved plans to construct a 60,000-ton steamship. I wonder what such a titanic object should be called?

The New Mexico Constitutional Convention wants a new boundary, giving it 200 square miles of Texas.

A story by-lined from Lynchburg, VA reports an un-lynching in nearby Lovingston. John Moore, sentenced to death for the murder of one Frank Howl, is broken out of jail and freed by a “friendly mob” of 75 men. The mob objects that Roxie Howl (!), the widow of the murdered man, was not convicted along with him. One or the other of them poisoned Howl so that they could marry each other. There is also a theory that Howl’s moonshine was poisoned by ‘shiners who thought he was a revenooer.

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