Saturday, April 02, 2011

Today -100: April 2, 1911: Of brigandage, dry Indians, and census boycotts

Canada has sent immigration agents to the Caribbean to recruit servants. However, “negresses” at $5 a month is one thing. African-American farmers who said fuck it to Jim Crow laws in Oklahoma and tried to move to Canada are evidently another thing entirely and have been turned back on spurious grounds.

Beleaguered Mexican President Porfirio Díaz makes a speech to Congress promising various reforms, including no reelection of current high officials (his term has only 5 years and 9 months left in it, by which time he’ll be 86), land reform, an independent judiciary, etc. He says the rebellion is confined to three states and the disorder elsewhere is mere “brigandage.”

Conflict of interest rules not so strict in 1911: Ohio Governor Judson Harmon will appear as a private lawyer before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company in a lawsuit he was involved with before taking office.

The District of Columbia’s excise commissioner orders that liquor not be sold to Native Americans unless they can prove they are American citizens.

British suffragettes plan to boycott the 1911 census.

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