Monday, August 15, 2011

Today -100: August 15, 1911: Of bathtubs, get-away coaches, lynchings, and yachts

Headline of the Day -100: “May Stop Use of Bathtubs.” The New York City water commissioner is threatening to do that because the water supply is low (he would reduce water pressure so people on floors higher than the first floor would have no water).

Miguel Gomez, the son of the president of Cuba fires five shots at Armando Andres, editor of an anti-Gomez newspaper and member of the Cuban Congress. He returns fire. Gomez then “fled in a palace coach”.

Long interesting article about the Coatesville, Penn. lynching and its aftermath.

A black man is lynched in Durant, Oklahoma, for an assault on a white woman who later died. The mob shot him 150 or so times, brought the body to the woman, who identified it, and then burned it. A race war may be imminent. 75 negroes commandeered a train at Atoka and took it to the vicinity.

Lindsley Loring (whoever that might be), facing a $500 per year tax bill for his foreign-built yacht (worth c.$12,000), decides to burn it instead. That’ll show ‘em.

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