Saturday, August 06, 2011

Today -100: August 6, 1911: Of sabers, Confederate nickels, Doc Hazzard, trolleys, and patents

In Berlin, a burglar kills a cop trying to arrest him. New orders have gone out to the Berlin PD concerning the use of service revolvers: they can now use them first, rather than having to try their sabers first. To reiterate: cops in Berlin had sabers.

More Berlin police news: police have issued a warning against some Confederate bills that have been circulating, brought back by an artisan who was living in the US until recently.

After a patient dies while taking the starvation cure at the Hazzard Institution – she can’t say she wasn’t warned – Dr. Linda Hazzard is arrested for killing patients to take their money.

Rioting by striking street car workers in Des Moines succeeds in making every scab flee the city.

The US issues its one millionth patent: a puncture-proof tire. (Update: Oh, actually no. 1m as issued by the Patent Office since it was created in 1836. There were 9,957 issued 1790-1836.)

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