Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today -100: August 20, 1911: That’s what it’s all about

Macabre-Ironic Headline of the Day -100: “UPLIFT LEADER A SUICIDE.; Frank Darst Throws Himself from a Milwaukee Hospital Window.”

Congress passes a statehood bill for Arizona and New Mexico, amended to meet Taft’s objections. It now requires the people of Arizona to repeal the provision for the recall of judges. They will vote on this at the same time as the elections for state officials, but if they vote the wrong way – no statehood. Something like the no-polygamy provision of the Utah constitution. And New Mexico will be required to make it easier to amend its constitution.

Three negroes are lynched in Jakin, Georgia, by a mob infuriated by the murder of the town marshal. Which the lynching victims had nothing to do with.

Papers read at a meeting of the British Dental Association – stop laughing – say that the human race is becoming ugly due to mouth-breathing. Which might explain why the Habsburgs look that way.

The British military will deploy war dogs” in a... dispute in British India with the Abors of Assam. Airedales, who will serve as scouts and sentries.

Headline of the Day -100: “Killed By ‘Hokey Pokey.’” Evidently hokey pokey is some sort of ice cream. Not a flavor but a type: cheap crap sold by street vendors. In this case, with ptomaine poisoning.

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