Thursday, December 01, 2011

Today -100: December 1, 1911: Of atrocities, mummers, negro invasions, and hissing

The US sends warships to Santo Domingo to “protect foreign interests” and insist on the strict observation of the constitution in replacing assassinated President Ramon Caceras. Because the United States has always been all about observing constitutional requirements in the replacement of Latin American presidents.

Italy claims that the Turks and Arabs fighting them in Libya have committed atrocities. Lots and lots of atrocities. Burying prisoners up to the neck to starve to death, crucifixions, etc.

Mummers were out in the street for Thanksgiving, as used to be the custom. Trouble occurred at 112th Street and 3rd in New York when someone spotted a black man and a white woman together. A stone was thrown and the couple ran from a growing mob, finally with the assistance of a cop getting on a trolley car and escaping. Thing is, the inter-racial couple were actually two white male youths, one in black face and the other in a Columbine suit with a white wig.

Not-At-All-Racist Headline of the Day -100: “Invasion of Negroes Cuts Harlem Values.”

The NYT editorializes that hissing is not acceptable in theaters. “The art of acting was never improved by hissing.”

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