Sunday, December 25, 2011

Today -100: December 25, 1911: Of campaigns, Russian brides, and doggies

Supporters of President Taft are suggesting that there needs to be some sort of organization to support his renomination by the Republican Party.

A meeting of the Russian immigrant colony in Los Angeles protests the testimony of other Russians in a juvenile court case that “they are in the habit of selling their daughters in marriage to the highest bidders” ($500, if you’re wondering what the price of a 17-year-old Russian girl was in 1911, although this was evidently at the high end).

Remember Hunnewell, Kansas, where Mayor Ella Wilson was locked in battle with the all-male city council? The governor brought suit to oust the councilmen. Since they would have bourne the legal costs if they lost, three resigned immediately, leaving a council without enough members to be able to override Wilson’s vetoes.

Chilling Headline of the Day -100: “Dogs Fails to Catch Negro.”

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