Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today -100: December 14, 1911: Of treaties, Democrats in Arizona, poles, and holy days

The House passes the resolution in favor of denouncing the 1832 treaty with Russia due to its discrimination against the passports of American Jews by a vote of 300-1, but the Senate is planning to delay taking any action.

The Democrats sweep the Arizona elections, electing D’s as the almost-state’s first delegates to the US House and Senate, governor, and 3/4 of the Legislature. When they actually take office depends on when AZ becomes a state. It’s also not clear whether the next election will be in 1912 or 1914. 1912 seems too soon, but 1914 would entail the new Legislature extending its own term, as well as those of the state officers, which would likely provoke recalls, as allowed under the new constitution.

It’s not in the paper, for obvious reasons, but the Amundsen expedition reached the South Pole today, planting the Norwegian flag. Suck it, Scott.

The pope strikes St. Patrick’s Day from the list of obligatory holy days on which Catholics are required to attend mass and abstain from work. And no fasting.

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