Monday, January 13, 2014

Today -100: January 13, 1914: Of tiny elephants, banishments, race betterment, profit-sharing, and refugees

Headline/Fashion Tip of the Day -100: “St. Petersburg Women Have Tiny Elephants Painted on Their Faces.”

Mother Jones returns to the Colorado coal fields from whence she was illegally deported last week, and is arrested. Gov. Elias Ammons says she will be held, incommunicado, until she agrees to leave the strike region.

A Dr. J. McKeen Cattell tells the Conference for Race Betterment that if the birth rates of Britain, France and Germany continue to decline, in 100 years there will be no births at all. Other attendees express alarm that superior human stock aren’t producing enough children.

Henry Ford’s profit-sharing plan attracts 12,000 men seeking jobs, a line so long that it blocked the arriving morning shift. So they turned the fire hoses on them, in 0° weather.

The US is trying to figure out what to do with all the refugees streaming in from the fighting in Mexico, including fleeing Federal soldiers as well as civilians. There are various plans to move them to army bases or camps where they can be fed. The US plans to bill Mexico for reimbursement later.

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