Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today -100: January 25, 1914: Of typograms (or something), kidnapping, and naval demonstrations

Technology Headline of the Day -100: “Typewriter May Soon Be Transmitter of Telegrams.” Some New Zealand guy has invented a doohickey. But really, sending messages around the world from your keyboard? That’s just crazy talk.

A special grand jury in Michigan refuses to return a true bill against the men who assaulted two miners’ union officials, kidnapped them, and forcibly deported them last month. The prosecutor had helpfully explained to the jury that it wasn’t kidnapping if there was no intent to confine them or to hold them in service, as opposed to forcing them over state lines against their wills.

The Senate passes a bill for a government railroad in Alaska.

The European Great Powers will each send a ship to Albanian waters in a “naval demonstration,” to suggest politely to Essad Pasha that he not try to make himself king of Albania.

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