Friday, January 24, 2014

Today -100: January 24, 1914: Of fake unions, defective Asiatics, and big sticks

German Chancellor Theobold von Bethmann-Hollweg accuses socialist MPs who are asking questions in the Reichstag about the soldiers acquitted for their actions in Zabern of undermining the throne.

The convention of the United Mine Workers expels Local 979 of Pocahontas, West Virginia, on the grounds that it’s a front organization created by a detective agency to get an agent into the UMW convention.

Labor Secretary William Wilson proposes to Congress a ban on Hindu immigrants (who are supposedly sneaking into the US via the Philippines). He also suggests physical tests for prospective Asiatic laborer immigrants to exclude defectives; he’s presumably okay with white-skinned defectives.

The Bonapartist pretender to the French throne, Victor Napoleon (known as Napoleon V to a handful of cranks), fathers a male heir to his non-existent throne.

You know that “big stick” Theodore Roosevelt carried? It just got stolen.

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