Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Today -100: March 12, 1914: Did you ever hear of a woman losing an argument with a man?

Pres. Wilson is moving two more infantry regiments to the border, mostly to prevent Texas Gov. Colquist invading Mexico. Colquist, who is sending more Texas Rangers to the border, gives a speech in which he says “I defy any authority on the face of the earth, Washington included, to prevent me from protecting our citizens along the border.” I suppose a US-Texas war would be entirely out of the question? Because that would be awesome.

The Colorado Democratic Party has to remove Gertrude Lee as chair of the party’s state Central Committee, because Democratic party rules don’t allow a woman to run a campaign – and this in a state with women’s suffrage. Mrs. Lee was quoted by the LA Times last week: “There is no reason why a woman should not be as good a campaigner as a man. Did you ever hear of a woman losing an argument with a man?”

Sacramento police forbid the supplying of food to the encampment of the unemployed marchers. Surrounding counties are threatening to meet them with armed force if Sac County decides to move them on once again. Plans to disperse them in small groups are thwarted because the railroads refuse to carry them since the practice of moving undesirables on to other counties, as has been happening for days, is illegal under California law. Gov. Hiram Johnson insists there is no unemployment problem but rather a problem of men who prefer vagrancy and will not work.

Following the Rokeby Venus incident yesterday, all the big museums in London are closed. London businesses dependent on the tourist trade are worried. Fat American tourists are moving on to Paris.

Ulster Unionist leader Sir Edward Carson has a counter-offer: he’ll call an Ulster convention to consider Asquith’s plan, provided that the period for which counties can vote to exclude themselves from Home Rule is extended from six years to forever.

23 lawsuits arising from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire are settled with the building’s insurance company for $75 each, if you’re wondering what a dead seamstress was worth.

Gen. Scott refuses to allow the lawyers working on habeas corpus petitions for Mexicans being held in Fort Bliss into the fort to sign up clients.

The NYC Board of Education says that “most imbeciles and all idiots can in no way derive any lasting benefits from attendance at the public school. Their mental condition cannot be improved either by the course of study or discipline. The only practical and humane solution is institutional care.” It suggests the appointment of a state commission to investigate a “permanent solution” that might include involuntary sterilization and compulsory segregation.

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