Monday, March 03, 2014

Today -100: March 3, 1914: Everything in this world belongs to us, and we’re going to take it

The Industrial Workers of the World are organizing the unemployed in New York City (which is experiencing storms and very cold weather) to occupy churches. Local IWW leader Frank Tannenbaum tells workers not to accept charity, because they built this city and own a share of it: “Everything in this world belongs to us, and we’re going to take it.”

Headline of the Day -100: “Eminent Britons Threaten Revolt.” Revolt against Home Rule, if it is passed without there having been an election first. The eminent ones include Viscount Milner, Lord Balfour, Rudyard Kipling, etc.

Emmeline Pankhurst sent the king a letter demanding that he meet a deputation. Norah Dacre-Fox says that if he refuses, they will go anyway.

The Philippine Assembly passes a resolution asking the US Congress to make provision for Filipino independence this session.

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