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Today -100: March 22, 1914: I am coming to have supper with you

Sir Edward Carson says “The Government is attempting to cow Ulster by intimidation and provocation, but both will fail.” In truth, while both sides are preparing for battle, neither wants to fire the first shot. The British government orders police in Ireland not to enforce the gun licensing laws against the many Ulster Unionists going around armed. The Unionists are using motorcyclists to disseminate communications. Property-owners in Northern Ireland are taking out riot insurance policies.

Chancellor of the Exchequer David Lloyd George gives a speech in Huddersfield, calling Ulster the spoiled child of Ireland. “Look at the frothy description of the Ulster volunteers in the Unionist press. Why, there has been nothing like it since Milton’s description of the heavenly host in Paradise Lost.” He accuses the Tories of keeping the issue bubbling because they have no other policies.

The unemployed army, 61 of them anyway, crossed into Nevada after all, despite the governor’s threats. The sheriff of Elko County feeds them and forces them to bathe in the hot springs. Another group of unemployed seize a train in Redding, CA but are now heading on foot for Oregon. Shasta County will feed them at stations 20 miles apart, luring them out of the county like E.T. and the Reese’s pieces.

Headline of the Day -100: “Menaced by Suffragists.” John Barnhill, running for Congressman-at-large in Illinois, opposed by suffragists due to such views as these: “My platform is to offer to every woman a home and a husband instead of the vote, and I believe that nine-tenths of the women would rather have a home and a husband than to have the vote.” How will he provide these homes & husbands? By raising the wages of men.

The Constitutionalists in Sonora, Mexico levy a tax of 3 or perhaps 5% (semi-legible NYT) on all property owned by Mexicans, though not that of foreigners, to be paid in gold.

Carranza refuses requests from Sonora residents that he apportion the land and property of the American Mormons who fled the country.

As the battle for Torreón finally starts, Pancho Villa phones the Federal commander there to say “I am coming to have supper with you.”

A Mexican federal commander refuses to hand over the five soldiers Texas says killed rancher Clemente Vergara. Gov. Colquitt has offered a $200 reward for their capture and delivery across the border.

Maxim Gorky is to be prosecuted for blasphemy for his novel Mother.

The government in Alaska is distributing reindeer to the natives.

The NYT has a long account of the Caillaux-Calmette feud, the months of mostly untruthful articles by Calmette about the finance minister in Le Figaro that preceded his murder. In court, Henriette Caillaux explains “I was greatly annoyed at the abominable campaign against him.” You do not want to greatly annoy Madame Caillaux; she will, as the French say, fuck your shit up.

1,000 Anarchists march up 5th Avenue in NYC. Alexander Berkman, who spent 14 years in prison for attempting to kill steel tycoon Henry Frick, led the march “with a woman on each arm.” Being anarchists, they jostled pedestrians – jostled pedestrians! – and “defied the traffic regulations”.

Elsewhere in the city, Salvation Army members invaded dance restaurants on Broadway to warn tangoers (tangoists?) that they were going to hell. They were welcomed at every establishment, so they sang songs and gave little sermons, were applauded politely and offered money, which they refused, and moved on to the next venue.

The Paris police prefect tells music hall and dance hall owners: no more nudity. It’s okay in theaters, because art.

Name of the Day -100: Countess Fanny von Moltke, the German head of the Christian Science movement, which may soon be investigated and prosecuted.

All university publications at the University of Nebraska will use a uniform system of simplified spelling.

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