Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today -100: September 11, 1914: But is it good for the Jews?

German troops invade Nyassaland (then a British colony, now Malawi).

Japan denies being in negotiations with Britain to send troops to Europe.

The NYT complains about the senseless censorship by the warring countries of war news, such as the cutting of the names of places in which battles occur, despite the enemy presumably knowing that they were in a battle there.  Yet, they point out, that story yesterday about the Algerian soldier keeping a German head as a souvenir got through, giving support to German protests against the employment of colonial soldiers by France and Britain.  The NYT notes that this protest is just like the American colonists’ complaint in the Declaration of Independence about the British employment of “merciless Indian savages.”

The Women’s Freedom League (UK) points out, “One share of the arguments brought against the enfranchisement of women is to the effect that since women have no share in war they should not be given a voice in decisions of peace and war. After the sack of Louvain... can it be said any longer that women have no share in the horrors of war?”

Turkey abrogates the treaties dating back to 1056 exempting various foreigners from Turkish courts.

France says that Germany is making false claims about British and French troops using dum-dum bullets in order to justify doing so themselves.

The NYT is amused at the competing attempts of Russia and Austria, as well as France and Britain, to appeal to the Jewish residents of the regions of Russia in which the two armies are presently fighting.  The Times thinks that all the promises made will have to be kept, so this is a turning point for the better for the Jews.  Um, hurrah?

South African Prime Minister Louis Botha will not allow the union leaders he summarily deported to Britain some months ago to return.

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