Saturday, September 06, 2014

Today -100: September 6, 1914: Russia was for the systematic oppression of the individual before it was against it

Germany captures the Rheims fortress.

France, Russia and Britain have signed an agreement not to make a separate peace and pledging to negotiate peace terms jointly.

Germany puts out an official statement on the destruction of Louvain.  It claims, again, falsely, that townies attacked German soldiers “after the Germans had been in pleasant relationship with the inhabitants of Louvain for more than twenty-four hours,” and further that those poor soldiers were “principally of middle-aged and peaceful men, themselves fathers of families.”

Congress is working on  replacing government revenues lost because of the drop in international trade.  They need to make up $100 million and they’re thinking it should mostly come from a tax on beer.

Baron Korff – the name of a baddy in a cheap spy film if ever I heard one – the Russian vice consul in NY, has an op-ed in the Sunday NYT saying that the Allied cause is about fighting German militarism, “accompanied by systematic oppression of the individual residing in German territory.”  That’s a Russian official denouncing the oppression of the individual, which wow.  He claims there was a secret plot, in which the late Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a prime mover, for Germany to annex the Germanic provinces of the Austrian Empire, which would become an exclusively Slavic nation and annex Serbia.

Headline of the Day -100:  “Christabel Emerges.”  The NYT welcomes the return of Miss Pankhurst to England, now that she’ll be agitating for the war, which is much more useful than agitating for the vote: “Christabel has at last found a mission worthy of her powers of reasoning and persuasion.”

The Russian military will allow Jews to be officers for the first time.

The mayor of Barwick, Georgia institutes a $25 fine for anyone found talking about the war.

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