Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today -100: September 13, 1914: It’s just a flesh wound

War Headlines of the Day -100:
Prof. Brander Matthews, a literature professor at Columbia, thinks the European war should be great for literature.  Although he predicts that it will take the form of drama rather than novels (the thought that it might be films doesn’t seem to have occurred to him).

South African PM Louis Botha says South Africa will back Britain in this war.  The whole Boer War thing is like totally forgotten.

Rumor of the Day -100: Two or even three of Kaiser Wilhelm’s sons are reported killed. I’m guessing we’re going to keep seeing these stories, so I’ll just do a major spoiler now and say that none of the princes were killed in action during World War I.  One did commit suicide soon after, though, and one became a Nazi.

Britain, France, Russia and Italy tell Turkey that it can’t unilaterally abrogate the treaties giving their citizens immunity from Turkish courts.  The US will say the same.

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  1. "...Right Wing's Fearful Losses"

    Good time to be a German Socialist then?

  2. I think they're mostly hemming and hawing -- which is so much more guttural in German -- over their failure to oppose the war.

  3. Of course, in 30 years time it will not be such a good idea to be a Socialist (unless of the national variety).