Sunday, February 01, 2015

Today -100: February 1, 1915: Of perverts, wires, liquid air bombs, sore throats, the aristocrats, and bullet ownership

Leo Frank’s prosecutor, Solicitor Hugh Dorsey (the future governor of Georgia), says that if the Supreme Court reverses Frank’s conviction, he will go to the Grand Jury to have him indicted on charges of “criminal assault or being a pervert.” Dorsey has just failed to win a conviction of several detectives from the Burns Agency for supposedly bribing a witness to say he heard Conley, the real killer of Mary Phagan, confess.

Headline of the Day -100: “300 Dead Hung on Wires.” German soldiers on Allied barbed wire. Although the “official” story of a British or possibly French soldier who single-handedly recaptured a house from 8 German soldiers, bayoneting four and taking the rest prisoner “while he continued to suck at his clay pipe” seems like it might possibly be slightly exaggerated.

Headline of the Day -100: “GERMAN 'LIQUID AIR' BOMBS WORK HAVOC; Look Like Champagne Bottles and Are More Deadly Than Melinite.” Also, chemical weapons were just used by the Germans on a fairly large scale, not very effectively, but that hasn’t made the paper yet. Something to look forward to.

Kaiser Wilhelm has left the front because his throat is sore. I’m sure the soldiers left in the war zone are very concerned for his health.

The British Army now includes 8 dukes, 10 marquises, 61 earls, 22 viscounts and 77 barons.

The German Juristic Magazine discusses the question of who owns a bullet after it has been used to shoot an enemy soldier. Does the state the first soldier works for give up its right of ownership when it fires the bullet away? Does the soldier who has been shot possess the bullet in his body merely temporarily as an agent of his state? Evidently German jurists have been debating this since the Balkan War, when a soldier and the surgeon who removed a bullet from him both wanted to keep it. This may be the most German thing I’ve ever heard.

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