Monday, February 02, 2015

Today -100: February 2, 1915: Of peace prayers, the illusion that the woman always is the victim, ships, executions, and not-so-fatal wars

Pope Benedict orders prayers for peace to be said in all Catholic churches. The French government says it will prosecute any clergy who try it.

The Supreme Court decides that the Mann Act, aka the White Slave Act of 1910, which criminalizes transporting a woman across state lines for the purpose of prostitution, could be used to prosecute prostitutes, for example “a professional prostitute, as well able to look out for herself as was the man,” in Oliver Wendell Holmes’s words, who travels across state lines to blackmail a john. This would require, says Holmes, abandoning “the illusion that the woman always is the victim.”

French newspapers are indignant, as was the custom, that a German u-boat sank the British steamer Tokomaru in the English Channel without giving warning.

I guess I should mention the Ship Purchase Bill, currently experiencing fierce opposition in the Senate. Wilson’s idea, the bill would, among other things, allow the US to purchase German and Austrian ships interned at US ports (there are 66 of them). Whether the British Navy would respect the new American flags on these ships is an entirely different matter.

But what about the sailors on those 66 German and Austrian ships interned in the US? Well, they’re interned too. At the start, their employers put them on reduced shore pay. By December, when it was obvious they weren’t getting back to sea any time soon, their pay was reduced to 2/3 for married men and 1/3 for single men. The men refused to accept this, so the steamship companies fired them, but neither could they release them into the US, so the men are now their “guests” and are complaining about the food.

Carranza’s brother Gen. Jesus Carranza, captured a couple of weeks ago by GutiĆ©rrez’s forces, is executed. I must have missed the fair trial they promised him.

Headline of the Day -100 (Los Angeles Fucking Times):

Given the advances in medicine, and the humanitarianism that results in prisoners being taken alive rather than massacred.

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