Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today -100: February 17, 1915: Of plocks, suffrage, and the day of slapstick and rough-house stuff

German troops occupy Plock. Or possibly they’re just making up names now.

The Massachusetts Legislature votes to hold a referendum on women’s suffrage in November. It will require a 2/3 vote.

The South Dakota State Senate rejects a bill passed by the lower house giving women the municipal and (partial) county and state vote. Suffrage bills are also working their way through the Indiana and Rhode Island legislatures.

The Arizona Legislature defeats a prohibition bill that was considered too strict (1% alcohol counted, clubs banned, powers of search extended).

Mack Sennett says, “The day of slap-stick and rough-house stuff is swiftly passing.” He says he will now produce works of “a distinctly higher class of comedy.” (Spoiler alert: no he won’t).

The film page of the LA Times explains how D.W. Griffith got a little black girl to cry in “The Clansman.” He had tried telling her the boogy man would get her and that bears would eat her. Finally he yelled at her that she was a lousy actress and he was going to send her home. That did it.

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