Sunday, June 14, 2015

Today -100: June 14, 1915: A farewell to arm

In Lahore, India, 81 Indians are indicted for conspiracy against the lawful government of India. The revolution is said to have started in Sacramento, of all places.

Mexico: Gen. Obregón is falsely reported to have died a few days after his arm was shot off.

Last week, the German occupation authorities in Belgium shut down transportation in and out of the town of Malines to punish it for not providing munitions workers. Now, Cardinal Mercier, who has clashed with the Germans more than once, attempts to walk out of Malines – with a large retinue. There may have been a clash of some sort.

Ernest Cowper, a Canadian journalist for Jack Canuck who survived the Lusitania sinking and rescued 6-year-old Helen Smith of Pennsylvania, who lost both her parents, her baby brother, and two cousins, says he handed her over to a woman in Queenstown who said she was Helen’s aunt, but who he now thinks was just some wealthy woman who read the story, because after he wrote a story about Helen he got 22 offers to adopt her.

OK, I’ve looked it up now, and that woman was in fact her aunt (another Lusitania survivor). Phew. Helen lived what sounds like a normal enough life in Wales (with other relatives, not the aunt, who was the mother of those dead cousins), where she died in 1993. She was still in contact with Cowper 10 years after the Lusitania. This is them.

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